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No Trucking Company will ever be greater than the truck drivers who make it up. At East West Express, we’ve got the best in the world.

The Challenges of Being a Truck Driver in 2020 Were Big. Our Drivers Were Bigger.

We all know how much our daily lives changed in 2020, some more than others. In fact, 2020 was one of the most trying years to be a truck driver in recent American history. But one thing has been made abundantly clear by Americans all across the country: we owe our collective trucking folks a long, loud, standing ovation. We wouldn’t have made it through this year had it not been for the American truck driver, who collectively make up one of the strongest backbones of our nation. This was made apparent by the steadfast fortitude displayed by every driver for East West Express. From day one, we’ve made it our mission to work with the best truck drivers on the planet. This year, we proved that we chose well. These folks, though, were the cream of the crop. And we want to honor them.

Passenger side door of an East-West Express Truck

Please Join Us in Congratulating EWEX’s 2020 Truck Drivers of the Year!

  • Peter Fenton - 2020 Team Driver of the Year
  • Shelley Wells - 2020 Team Driver of the Year
  • Mary Bauknight - 2020 Solo Driver of the Year
  • Terry Caulder - 2020 Support Driver of the Year
  • Anthony Lott - 2020 Regional Driver of the Year

Please Help Us Thank and Congratulate the East West Express 2020 All-Pro Drivers

  • Mary Bauknight
  • Lestie Branham
  • Pansy Branham
  • Phillip Butler
  • Terry Caulder
  • Robert Crawford
  • Sue Farmer
  • Peter Fenton
  • Mark Garner
  • Ike Greene
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Johnny Huffman
  • Robert Huffman
  • Valerie Huffman
  • Kathleen Hyatt
  • Ron Hyatt
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Teresa Johnson
  • Sue Justiniano
  • Tony Lott
  • Anil Patel
  • Debra Pierce
  • James Pierce
  • Lud Richards
  • Jessica Richard
  • Jason St Laurent
  • Shelley Wells

If you’d like to know more about how to become a team member at East West Express, don’t hesitate! We’re always hiring experienced and reliable drivers who are tired of hopping from job to job, and are ready to have a viable career that they can be proud of. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Passenger side door of an East-West Express Truck

“Is there a trucking company near me who offers great benefits?” Yep! “Is there a trucking company near me that’s pet friendly?”Absolutely! “Is there a trucking company near me that provides great home time?

Yes there is! The answer to all these questions, and many more, is East West Express! We are ranked nationally as one of the best trucking companies to work for, year in and year out. That’s why we get to work with some of the best truck drivers on the planet.