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“Great place to work, everyone is very friendly, miles are great. Don’t want to be anywhere else, I’m home!”

Tammy Ripley Miller

There are a lot of jobs for truck drivers out there, if you look hard enough. There are also a lot of companies who promise the moon and stars, even if they only intend to deliver a rickety flashlight. If you’re tired of setting for the same old truck driving jobs, and you’re tired of dealing with companies who don’t deliver on their promises, maybe it’s time to consider embarking on a career with East-West Express!

Since 1985, the East-West family of truck driving professionals has been one of the Southeastern United States’ steadily growing trucking companies. We have grown through hard times. We even continued growth during the great recession. There are several reasons why we have continued to grow and succeed in so many different economic climates. But the biggest reason starts with our people. From top to bottom, East-West Express is a great place to work, a great company to work with, and an even better place to do life together. Our people are so much more than just the best drivers, recruiters, management, dispatchers, and staff on the planet. We’re family!

two drivers working on their truck

A lot of trucking companies can and will offer you a lot of incentives to join their outfit. Or at least those incentives look good on paper. There’s a reason why we have a higher retention rate than any other local competitor: We do what we say we’ll do. We work much harder to fulfill the promises we make to our people than we ever would to keep making empty promises. In the grand scheme of things, it does way more harm than good to lure good drivers with bad promises. We still do make a lot of promises to our people. But we do a whole lot more fulfilling. We pledge to go above and beyond for you when you join the East-West Express family. Stop settling for average jobs for truck drivers. Start building your legacy today, and consider a long and fruitful career with East-West Express!

“My husband and I LOVE IT!! We have made a very comfortable living and have great home time. We feel like his company REALLY CARES FOR THE DRIVERS!! I can’t say enough good things about this place!”

Satisfied EWEX Truck Driving Team

Why Do Folks Love Driving for East-West Express? Here’s a Few Reasons!

“Best company I've worked for. Great pay, great home time, great equipment, and some of the best managers in the business HANDS DOWN!!!!!”

Satisfied EWEX Truck Driver