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Meet the folks who really make East West Express the best trucking company to work for in the whole United States! Get to know some of our latest Featured Drivers!

If you’re looking for somewhere to call your home on the road, EWEX is always hiring new and experienced Truck Driving Teams. Get your career on the right path, today!

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Team Reyes

“We were looking to make a change to a more driver-focused company. After much research and talking to other drivers, we decided to make the switch to East-West Express. We are so glad we did! The miles are consistent, and the equipment is comfortable. After more than 13 years OTR, it’s the best gig we’ve ever had!!“

Tony & Dina Reyes

Phil & Cheryl Ship w/ Rosie

Phil Ingram, Cheryl Ship & Rosie have been driving commercially for a combined 30 years of OTR driving. As a team, they have been with East West Express since 2019. The overall experience they have had with EWEX feels more like a family relationship than a job relationship. That same feeling is common throughout the entire East West Express family of Team Drivers. No other national trucking companies offer the freedom to grow your career as a commercial truck driving team, while getting the most balanced home/work life ratio around. If you’re looking for the best trucking company to work for, contact East West Express, today.

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Lates Post

Troy & Jenifer Howard w/ Jeffrow

“East-West Express is the Best move we ever made! They truly treat you like family here and not just another driver. Great benefits, great pay and great home time. Someone is always on call to help with any situation. Our pets are treated just like one of the family."

Malintzie Ortiz & Miguel Martinez

“East-West Express strives to do it better and cleaner than everyone else. They offer great pay and good benefits. Also allow pets and riders and have flexible home time. They offer a nice modern fleet with plenty of extras."

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“East-West Express is widely considered one of the best trucking companies in Georgia. While we believe that to be true, we guarantee they’re one of the best trucking companies to work for in the entire U.S.”

~East West Express Team Drivers Coalition

There are a lot of good trucking companies out there in the United States, and especially in the Southeastern U.S. There are a lot of good truck companies in GA and throughout the South who offer dedicated routes that run east to west. There are even a lot of trucking companies that allow pets, and many truck driving teams enjoy working with these types of pet friendly trucking companies. But we think that of all the truck driver jobs near you, no other OTR Driving experience can give you the same top-level benefits, steady work, steady pay, and perfect balance between home and work life that East West Express can provide.

When you choose EWEX as your #1 trucking company, you’re choosing to be much more than just a link in the chain for an east west transport company. You’re choosing to be part of the East West Express collection of Team Drivers, OTR Drivers, staff, crew, and family. Who knows? Maybe you could be part the next Featured Driver showcase for EWEX! We’re always hiring new and experienced drivers for dedicated routes running east to west. Click the Apply Now button to start your application process, or contact us directly to discuss the benefits of taking your truck driving career to new heights with East-West Express! And congratulations to these Featured Drivers, and all the great Team Drivers and staff from East West Express. Let’s keep the wheels turning!