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Team Driving Philadelphia, PA

When you want the best coast-to-coast OTR Team Driving Philadelphia has to offer, you want East-West Express. Apply today and watch your career soar!

Navigating the City of Brotherly Love from the Highways: A Team Driver's Tale

The hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, with its rich history and vibrant culture, can easily captivate the heart of anyone who calls it home. Regardless of how long you’ve been a Philadelphia resident, you're part of a community that values hard work and knows how to savor a good cheesesteak. Many of us are comforted by our slogan "The City of Brotherly Love." But what if we told you that you could bring that Philadelphia spirit with you as you crisscross the country as a team driver? Welcome to the life of a Team Driver for East-West Express – where the love of the open road meets the perks of living in the dynamic city of Philadelphia, PA.

Coast-to-Coast Trucking for the Modern Philadelphian

In a city that rarely sleeps, is there a better profession than one where you quite literally keep the wheels of America turning? East-West Express offers residents in Philadelphia and all over the country a unique opportunity to blend their urban lifestyle with a career that takes you far and wide. If you’re considering embarking on a journey as an EWEX team driver, you can relish the delights of Spruce Street Harbor Park one day, then be on the open road the next, taking in the sights of the Heartland.

The Pulse of the City to the Pulse of the Engine

Team driving isn't just a job. It's an immersive lifestyle that appeals to urban residents who long for an adventure beyond the city limits. With East-West Express, the transition from enjoying the bustling energy of Philly to the more serene landscapes of, let's say, the Colorado Rockies is seamless. It's a life that requires stamina, reliability, and a fierce dedication to your co-driver and your team, reflecting the same values we find embedded in the hallowed streets of Philadelphia.

Unlocking Your True Earning Potential

For someone with a work ethic as robust as a cheesesteak and the drive to succeed, East-West Express ensures a competitive salary and benefits package that’s tailored to maximize your earning potential. Experience better hauls, better miles, and the satisfaction of contributing to a vital logistics operation. Our Team Drivers also have the opportunity for a flexible schedule that allows ample time to catch a Phillies game, or just spend quality time with family and friends.

The Road to a Comfortable Life

The comfort of home is something that Philadelphians hold close, yet as a team driver with East-West, comfort is not compromised even while you’re on the road. Cruise in style from the spacious cabin of our company's modern, well-maintained fleet. Comprised of top-of-the line Volvo and Freightliner rigs, our trucks are engineered for reliability and performance, as well as your physical and mental well-being. As you roll up to your next stop, whether it's the sunny coasts of California or the more familiar settings of the East Coast, you’ll be doing so in a truck that feels like your second home.

Supportive Company Culture

Beyond the miles, it's the people at East-West Express that really make all the difference. Our team understands the unique needs of team drivers, and we work tirelessly to create an environment that fosters growth, support, and opportunities. The bond you share with your co-driver is echoed in the camaraderie of the larger East-West family, ensuring you're never alone on the highway.

Testimonials from the Express Lane

Join the East-West Express Family

For residents eager to take their mark on the American canvas, it's an invitation to consider a life on the road with East-West Express. As a Team Driver, your love for Philadelphia can be seamlessly integrated into a fulfilling and vibrant career where every mile shapes a new experience. The road ahead is bright, and the sights are set on progress, just like the dynamic city that we call home.

Embrace the freedom of the highway while earning top pay and amazing benefits with East-West Express, and bring that Philadelphia spirit with you wherever the road may lead. It's a journey that promises the exhilaration of adventure and sturdy connections both on and off the road. Come find your place in our convoy, and let's show the nation the true meaning of family.