Oklahoma City, OK

Team Driving – Oklahoma City, OK

East-West Express is Hiring Now! Live Your Life as a Coast-to-Coast OTR Team Driver, right from the Heartland: Special Opportunities for Oklahoma City Drivers!

Living, working, and raising a family in Oklahoma City is an ode to the American Dream – the quiet art of thriving in a place that's as charming as it is full of opportunities. For truck drivers, the call of the open road melds seamlessly with the heartland's whisper of possibility, making Oklahoma City a beacon for those who seek a fulfilling career behind the wheel. At East-West Express, we're on the lookout for new and experienced OTR Team Drivers from Oklahoma City, just like you!

But beyond the numbers, 'The Big Friendly’ is a community that stands tall. For our truckers, especially, driving dedicated coast-to-coast routes while remaining based out of Oklahoma City means being part of a close-knit network that supports each twist and turn in life's highway. From the hoedown at the Stockyards to the hush of the OKC Philharmonic, Oklahoma City offers a spectrum of experiences, fitting every savor of life you seek to taste. And it’s an even more fulfilling experience when you have the right career in place with East-West Express.

East-West Express: The Best Team Driving Oklahoma City Has to Offer

East-West Express isn't just another company; it's a legacy. As a family-owned business, we understand the value of partnership—not only in driving but in life. The distinct offering for OTR Team Drivers is anchored in our commitment to provide the best driving experience while cultivating an environment that values teamwork.

Joining the East-West team doesn't just mean being on the road; it means connecting the East Coast and West Coast of the United States with services that reflect our company's dedication to reliability, excellence, and total client satisfaction. For every sunset and sunrise witnessed from the open road, there's a sense of accomplishment in delivering precious cargo thousands of miles across the country to grateful men, women, and children.

Navigating the Application Process

For those ready to accept the challenge of the coast-to-coast call, the application process is straightforward with East-West Express. Our digital door is as wide as the interstate, inviting you to take the first step towards the best OTR Team Driving Oklahoma City offers.

You can apply online now, or reach out by phone to our recruitment team, who will happily guide you through the process of becoming a part of the EWEX family. We value transparency as much as we value excellence, so expect a seamless transition from qualified candidate to valued driver.

Team Driving from Oklahoma City with East-West Express: Your Journey Starts Now!

The open road is calling, and your future as an OTR Team Driver for East-West Express shines brightly on that horizon where the sky meets the asphalt. If you're ready to steer your career in the right direction with a company that understands the honor of your craft and the demands of your choices, then East-West Express is the choice for you!

Apply today and stake your claim for a better life, driving coast to coast for a top tucking company, all while still being based out of Oklahoma City. Whether you're a native to OKC or a wanderer drawn to the continental crossroads, East-West Express is your handshake with destiny. Swift wheels, sound minds, and full hearts – that's the EWEX way. Welcome home, and welcome to the family!